Gluten free, sulfite free, propylene glycol free

Nontoxic and gluten free haircolor for the holistic minded individual creating gray coverage or slight lightening to the hair.

Permanent hair color for the conscious individual

Order the best non toxic and safest hair colorant available in 15 different tones

Health conscious hair color


I found eco colors after following a link from another site. I LOVE what is does for my hair. The color is vibrant and beautiful AND it leaves my hair so soft and manageable. My husband loves to touch it. I will never switch to another brand!

Michele I.

Thank you! Have just used your hair color and cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the results. It is truly the best I have ever used. And I have been using the Health Food Store brands for several years now, so am already using a gentler product...but nothing compares to the beauty of your product!!

Carol W.

Your product is wonderful! I have Celiac and am extremely sensitive to even trace gluten. I have used this twice with no adverse reactions whatsoever! It covers my grey completely and my hair is healthier and shines! Great product!

Delia K.

I found EcoColors online when looking for a product that did not have such harmful chemicals and in which the color would last longer in between coloring. I like the results much more than Naturtint which I had been using, and others previous to that. Thank you for your product - better for hair and the environment!

Margaret D.

Eco colors is the only hair color that doesn't irritate my scalp, and the colors are beautiful!

Holly R.

I found it when I was looking for gluten free haircolor. I LOVE the way my hair looks, healthier and color tone is so natural

Luz R.

Heard about your products from my friend who has the same problem as me - Super Hypersensitive scalp till she she started using your hair colour!

Mrs N K

Had an excellent experience with using this hair color. Most hair color makes my hands swell and hurt, and makes my vision blurry. I am allergic to Formaldehyde. The color covered the grey well. I want to try the medium brown this time instead of the dark brown. Thanks for the excellent product!

Karen C.

I was looking for natural hair dye on the internet and found you several years ago. I love your product. My hair is healthier and thicker than before I was using your dye. When I get my hair cut, my hairdresser always comments on how shiny and healthy my hair is and I always tell them why.

Lisa B,

Healthy color

easy to apply

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