How To Choose The Right Hair Color?


How do you decide what color to choose? 

There are so many factors to consider. 

1.What is your natural color? 

2.What is your percentage of gray?

3.What is the desired end result?

4. What color was your hair as a child? This may help determine if you have underlying red tones or not.

In general always choose one color level DARKER than you want if you have gray hair.

EcoColors Dark Brown on gray is usually Medium Brown. 

EcoColors Medium Brown on gray is usually Light Brown.

EcoColors Light Brown on gray is usually Golden. (so is Dark Blonde.)

If you have questions please fill out answers to the questions above and email

ALWAYS perform a strand test by mixing a DROP of color and a DROP of developer in a ceramic bowl with a Q Tip. Apply to a gray section. Let it process 30-45 minutes. If you rinse after 30 minutes and it hardly colored, try for 45 minutes or choose a darker shade. Make sure you always shampoo the color out! We also recommend you apply a conditioner after coloring to restore your hair to it's normal acidic PH.

It's not magic, it's chemistry and every person's hair will react differently. 

It's best to also perform an allergy test so you know if you are allergic to any ingredients. 

Also have a medical plan in place with your physician in case you have an allergic response. 

Do NOT color your hair if you do have an allergic response to the allergy test. And just because you don't react to the allergy test, doesn't mean you're in the clear. Some allergies creep in or develop over time with repeated exposure. BE SAFE and have a medical plan in place BEFORE you color your hair!

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  • Hi, I was wondering if you could help me select a color. My hair is about 50% gray with more gray around the temples. My base natural color before going gray was light neutral brown. As a child and teenager and into my 20s my hair was light blonde then medium blonde then dark blonde with reddish highlights in the sunlight but ashy looking indoors. I would like to tone the gray/white areas without the harmful permanent hair dyes I was using previously. I also would prefer to go no darker than dark blonde. Thanks for your help.

    Marian Janssen

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