PPD free, gluten free, sulfite free, glycol free hair colors

EcoColors Permanent  Hair Colors are non toxic. Gluten free and PPD free hair dyes for the holistic minded individuals who do not want to be exposed to toxic chemicals. Use EcoColors Permanent Hair Colors for gray coverage or slight lightening of the hair while keeping a natural hair color.

Permanent hair color for the conscious individual

Order the best non toxic and safest hair colorant available in 15 different tones

Health conscious hair color

Healthy & Vibrant Hair Colors

Really easy to apply!

Non toxic hair colors for everyone!

Now even better gray coverage!

Create Subtle Highlights or Ombre


Very gentle and natural looking color.

Julie B.

It has done wonders for my scalp. Thank you so much. I no longer have itching and sores in my head.

Janet B

Returning customer, originally found online through my own research. I LOVE this hair color. My hair looked and felt great. I could tell it was non toxic by how could barely smell it when applying. I'm impressed.

Aufrey K

Found ecocolors by google. I love the product! The color lasts a lot longer than store bought and my hair feels terrific.

Gisele C.

Eco colors is the only hair color that doesn't irritate my scalp,and the colors are beautiful!

Holly R.

Online search for PPD free hair color. Very pleased with the results of this hair dye. Good grey coverage as long as you follow instructions as given for stubborn greys. And no allergic reaction.

Cathy C

Heard about your products from my friend who has the same problem as me - Super Hypersensitive scalp till she she started using your hair colour!

Mrs N K

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